Diversity and inclusion in Science

The importance of diversity and inclusion in science

Engaging with people from a variety of genders, perspectives, areas of experties, ethnicities and cultures leads to better science. This is because scientific progress relies on problem solving and collaboration. Groups compaed with people with diverse experiences tend to be more creative and innovative. Scientists with different perspective will ask different questions that will then widen the focus and lead to new insights. The ScanLab team consist of multicultural team that brings together these different views in our multidisciplinary studies.

In addition, prof. dr. Hanan El Marroun, is the chair of the VENA network, which is a network for advocacy of female academic professionals at Erasmus University Medical Center. VENA organizes workshops for female academics, increases awareness on implicit bias, and advises the dean on policy to decrease the gender gap in science and increase diversity in the academic top.